The Further Adventures of Illmindmuzik

East to West coast Shit

"Aint got time for haterz only Loved ones"

"Tomorrow never knows what the future may bring or the species we call human beings"

"You know how it goes music taking over your body beats takin over your soul"

"U know some of this shit i wasnt really feelin but then i started feelin my shit"

"dont push me jus cuz we close to the end im tryin not to lose the skin im in"

"Take this how you have to or dont take it at all, our time is growing small the writings on the wall"

my blog is fucked…ill see yall when its fixed lol madlib and Quas is missing

Jeru is Knowledge.

Yo peep it out

all hail the KING.

onnnn point!

yessss Michael Jackson and Otis Jackson Sr. gettin down this track is talkin to me! peace to that beautiful talented Family. #Jacksons805

YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE, and just listen. Kanzulu hip hop Mixes make me realize hiphop is dope yall. and it stays RAW. and it erases all these clowns and there wack music. i dont know whats new anymore.. and preferably dont care peaceeeee!

HIP HOP KAN CRATES PT.1 by Originillkankick on Mixcloud

i havent been to a show in ages and this was amazing LIVE BANDS dope energy, Old souls all around me i adapt well too. lol

I had the blessing to meet the legendary Roy Ayers he performed all the Jamz. I also saw George Duke,Stanley Clark, and Stephanie Mills at this years Las Vegas Jazz festival.. the Jazz was amazing, never can you go wrong with Jazz, also other dope acts did they thang and the bands again were to ILL


Yo…I’m going through my cassette files and I found this mix I did probably in mid 2000’s.. I THINK?
If y’all need help with the track listing JUST ASK…I’ll do my best to help!
Coming Soon: Kan Kick Showcase #2 featuring ARKIVES
Beat/HipHop mix produced by ARKIVES

this here is dope keeps me grounded what about you?


Madlib doing a photo shoot for Modzik with his forever dope self!

and since i was on him all day! here is this! LIVE! Herbie Hancock “Rock it”

i simply cannot live with out this.

this gave me chills, .. declaime keeps shit real  

check it out !

I don’t know where this came from but you have to see this!!!

spread the word my friends PEACE.

Kankick, Kanzulu, Kanthrax ill beat producer, Ox vet, the Funky asthmatic whom i enjoy everydamn day drops facts and knowledge in a interview that he did overseas Via: ProgPorn 14 min clip peep it out!

Mad Love to Zukie ! he shits on ALOT! If your not familiar check out this mix that was created and hosted by zukie mixed by kidkanevil.

ps: Declaime holla at Kan man!

Peace yall!

Declaime “FAME” visuals from the LP FONK peep it soak it all in and love this stuff! grab u a copy here

"Fame is when egos and hearts collide" -Declaime

DJ Romes pt.2 Via : The Basement